welcome to designius

Welcome to Designius

We are usability consultants providing design, evaluation, training and management services across a broad range of product categories and applications.

If you design and develop computing and consumer appliances, software and web applications, learning products or services, we can help you understand your customers, improve your design and enhance your customer's experience by making your designs simple, safe and comfortable to use.

We combine an imaginative understanding of user needs together with a deep appreciation of aesthetics, ergonomics and technology to yield fresh perspectives and insights that can help you discover opportunities for innovative breakthroughs and market differentiation in your product concepts and design.

We strongly believe that things intended for human use must first and foremost be designed with humans in mind. Our user-centred design approach will help you to focus on the needs of your users and improve your customer's experience of your products, systems and services.

Let us put the human back into your design.

user-centred design


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